Hello! I am Rod Sot

 Photographer • Web Designer • Front-end Developer • Churro Taster •
Based in Wellington, NZ

I've collaborated with different companies in Chile, Australia, and New Zealand as a Web Designer, Front-end Developer, and Photographer. Even though I enjoy this, I have an aside career as churro taster. (value info: so far the best churro is at Quintero, Chile)

Details are always important to me. I'm always looking to add something different or innovative to the projects I work on, looking to learn more through experiment and maybe create new things.

I studied Communication & Marketing and thanks to my subsequent experience in different areas I've developed significant skills in design, coding and other digital stuff to meet end-user needs.

If I don't know to do something, I can learn it. Let's work together!

 Selected Projects

If you liked my work and have exciting projects in mind and/or have churros to taste, send me an email to